Tips for Your Trip to County Kerry

Posted by Niamh Allabyrne on the 25th of April 2013 at 10:47:08

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Hi! I'm Julia from Germany - interning in Ireland for a few months! I want to see as much of Ireland as I can and so last weekend myself and four friends went on a road trip to stunning County Kerry in the south-west region of Ireland. As we had an amazing time and visited and drove through some really nice places I thought I might share some of our experiences with you and give you a few useful tips about Kerry’s attractions.

First thing I have to say in general is TAKE YOUR TIME and don’t go on the motorways or main national roads! Of course that is a lot faster and probably less stressful for the driver, but it’s the smaller streets that take you through some amazing landscapes, it’s in these unspoiled areas where you’ll come across a lot of wildlife and – of course – it’s all about a proper Irish experience! Why not take the adventure of extremely winding and narrow roads going up and down like a little rollercoaster, why not go slow around each upcoming corner because you have no clue what is waiting for you behind the hedges and bushes? I can tell you we had a lot of fun on those roads and took some extraordinary pictures and strolls around the countryside!

Getting down to some of the Must-Visit-Spots now, and in no particular order:

1. Beara Peninsula – especially the Healy Pass

You might want to skip Beara Peninsula as it might seem similar to the Ring of Kerry – if you’ve already done that one – but make sure you don’t miss the Healy Pass! The views from those mountains are just breath-taking.

When you’re planning on driving the Ring of Beara – any part of it – you should always check for bicycle races first as the streets are very narrow and you’ll have to stop wherever possible to let the cyclists pass! We were even told by the Gardaí (the police) to totally stop our journey for around 40 minutes to let all the cyclists pass – they seem to take precedence in this part of the world!

Beara Peninsula, Kerry

2. Ring of Kerry – don’t miss the chocolate tasting at Skellig Chocolate, it is exquisite!

I’d recommend taking the route clockwise in order to be driving on the sea side of the streets all the time. In addition most of the bus companies go anti-clockwise so you won’t be stuck in one of those bus queues.

Even though it is the first little episode of the famous Ring, make sure you enjoy all the different types of scenery along the route from Killarney to Kenmare from rocky mountains to green fields – the views are stunning! Or how about breakfast at the Avoca Café all the way up at Moll’s Gap?

Ring of Kerry

3. Killarney National Park

Most importantly is: don’t rush through the National Park by car, it is an amazing spot. Take your time to do some hiking, rent a bike to go around the lakes or experience the park by horse buggy.

If you’re interested in historic manors, Muckross House and Gardens are the perfect spot for you. You will have to get a guided tour around the house though. The best time to visit the house would be in Spring/Summer as all the Rhododendrons usually bloom around May.

Killarney National Park, Kerry

4. Killarney Town

Killarney is one of my favourite little towns in Ireland. It offers a lot of beautiful scenery within short driving distance, there are historic sights to visit, the town centre is full of small but colourful stores and restaurants, the night life is bustling, the town has a lot of top hotels, etc… You should definitely consider an overnight stay here on your way through Kerry.

Killarney Town, Kerry

5. Dingle Peninsula

Unfortunately we didn’t make it all the way down to Dingle but people tell me only positive things and the pictures just look amazing! So go there, take pictures and tell me all about it! Dingle Town is meant to be a pretty little village with a lot of delicious restaurants. Sure Dingle Peninsula is just another peninsula as is the Ring of Kerry and Beara but still the vegetation is a little different and especially enjoyable are the two – for Ireland (!) - quite large – sandy beaches at Inch in the south and the Maharees to the north. For more on the Dingle Peninsula's attractions click here for more on this fabulous region!

Dingle Peninsula, Kerry

And one last thing: remember you’re on the west coast of Ireland, so take your chance to enjoy an unforgettable sunset over the ocean! So why not plan you trip to Kerry and Ireland with us -! Click here and check out our Custom tour section and create your own trip to Kerry and maybe include some of my "must visit spot"s into your itinerary!

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